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About this book

Published to celebrate the centennial of Joseph Cornell's birth, Joseph Cornell Shadowplay...Eterniday provides a fresh, multidimensional perspective on the pioneering modern artist.

Lavishly illustrated with over seventy-five boxes and collages, as well as images of the fascinating source material that the artist collected to create his exquisitely crafted worlds, the book communicates to the reader the sense of surprise and delight that one experiences upon viewing the actual boxes with their toys, stuffed birds, maps, clay pipes, marbles shells and other paraphernalia of daily life.

Among the topics explored are the role of dualities in the artistic process, the dominant themes of Cornell's oeuvre, and the importance of his Christian Science faith, which informed his profound insights and the spiritual dimensions of his work.

The book includes 231 illustrations, 205 in color, and the companion DVD-ROM The Magical World of Joseph Cornell .

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